Beefly Wrap – past gigs and events

***Archive of the shows we have presented (live and on air). reviews and local culture. insider gossip***

Basement Reggae Fest 2020

It was always going to be fun to have 3 juggernaut bands on back to back at The Basement, but expectations were exceeded on this fine Sunday afternoon. Within minutes of opening doors, the room was packed with reggae fans, both familiar and fresh.

The Kingstons kicked things off with their homage to the classic sound of Ska and Rocksteady, infused with soul, grit and a distinctly Aussie energy. Covering hits from Desmond Decker to The Wailers, they also treated the crowd with a number of satirical original tunes.

In the middle, Shadow Ministers let loose the dub bass-driven rockers grooves, opening up the space for some soulful and melodic soloing by keytarist Joel Dreezer and guitarist Matthew Lustri. Beat man Coolio Desgracias kept it tight and ferocious while 3oB on the bass, pushed through with only 3 fingers. The highlight was a guest appearance by Emcee Tomasky of Dub Militya who debuted his latest song ‘Angels’.

Headlining was the spectacular Los Chavos, bringing a coherent blend of Latin American folk, ska and general party mayhem to the wrapped audience. Grooving in seats was constant throughout this highly engaging show, with horns and powerful vocals lifting the night to its ecstatic zenith.

Definitely a gig to remember.

Desert Dub Pub -Live at the Polo

Sydney band No Mandate had the concept back last year and we tried a few dates and venues before the Polo came through with early feb. After a somewhat auspicious art concept was hatched, a deadly fire season had taken it’s toll on the ACT’s nightlife, however this was a mad night of awesome entertainment.

The Master (VIC) kicked things off with a DJ set that mashed rap, rock and reggae to get the crowd loose. He took us back to our mid-90s glory days with a RATM segue that got the heads seriously bopping.

Agency Dub Collective were up next and they didn’t let The Master go far for smoko coz he was up with them – scratching, rapping and generally running things for the next half hour. Highlights were his classic raps from the Dole Checks to Rolex album (2002) being rapped over ADC’s beats Chatswood and Began Vegan. this was memorable stuff. Damn good vibes for the thin but appreciative crowd – this was Liam’s last Canberra show on bass with ADC. all the best boys!!!

No Mandate are the most exciting rock trio in Sydney hands down. Their aesthetic is matched by the tight power they pack as a unit. With spaceous effects and deftly coordinated instrumental sections, No mandate are pushing the boundaries of genre with exciting songwriting. Check out their music at

Rex Mundi 3oB and Coolio live at Smith’s

It was way too long between drinks for Mundi and Bogey so a few days hard work in the studio was great before kicking out the jams live for te hip crew at Snith’s. 3oB got things started with a classic vinyl hiphop selection to set the scene for all the boom bap heads in the house. Next up Coolio hit the wheels of steel and mashed the room with his perception-altering juggling and cheeky scratches. The next element represnted was from 3oB who had moved onto live MPC production. He proceeded to drop the original beats and ripped up a decent set on the mic too.

Next up was teh headliner and he didn’t disappoint. Mundi has a powerful delivery with the flow to match and he did just that, rocking back to back bars from his latest album, and a few new bangers that were hitting the road for the first time. Nothing beats hearing those multi-layered punchlines delivered live and Mundi had the room in his palm.

Thansk for a wicked night and week of hiphop to Rex Mundi – stay posted with his latest efforts on and album is becoming available in stores soon (ACT). see you next time!

Reggae Rampage is back – at Transit. Capitol Roots Corporation and Branch Stack Records team up with Cultura Clandestino to bring you the hottest original live band reggae vibes in the ACT. It guarantees to be a great night of grooves.

Action starts early with doors at 7.30. Then at 8.20 live music will commence as Kopasetic getting things kicked off with their fresh brand of original reggae meets folk/roots.

Stalwart Canberra Ska/Rocksteady massive The Kingstons then take to the stage led by the powerhouse front man (and poster artist) Brett Olzen. Heading up the evening is Agency Dub Collective, whose signature spacey jams and relentless rubadub feels have rumbled Canberra’s limestone caves for 2 decades. FACT: This is their twentieth year in dub. FACT: This is Dubby Xmas.

Special guest Nicholas Combe will feature heavily on tenor sax on the night!

The vibes continue til midnight for the stayers as Mick Dagger delivers classics reggae bangers from Jamaica and the Diaspora. Bound to be a great event – tickets selling now through moshtix

This one will be thriller if you are in town as summer hots up – we got you covered in the coolness of Sideway on Thursday evening, December the 5th.
All aboard the Outernational Spacestation NewUN. It’s time to take over the vibrations emanating from this rock. One way forward – dub, rap, dance. Action speaks louder than words, so people move ya ting down to Sideway and be reared in the ways of getting down with these fine acts. Coolio and House Mouse are no strangers to rocking the cosmos. You can peep their latest space rap epics and interplanetary love songs as they elicit your inner freak with rhymes and 808 beats. Supporting is Dub Militya. Joining 3oB on vocals is emcee Tomasky (Kenya) and there is great synergy between vocalists with both rapping, toasting and singing soulful choruses.  Aiming to launch their debut EP at the gig they have enlisted Coolio Desgracias (guitar/fx) and Canadian beat smith Lumo  on the beats/tweaks/samples, so come snap up a first ‘pressing’ of some soon to be classic new songs! All in all, it will be both lyrical and banging, so expect an ale or 2 with your rap feast as the emcees meet the old-time rockers in a dance.  Madda Irie will be there as she spins hot wax from Africa to the Caribbean and across the equator. 12 bucks (15 on the door) is a steal for this level of lyrical fitness and production mastery. Brought to you by Branch Stack Records and Sideway. Canberra to Kenya! Argentina to Yukon! Dub Rap Dance.

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