The debut track and video from Melbourne Hiphop duo The Ombudsmen is produced by international dub legend John Green (Old Skool Johnny).

This track was conceived by John and The Master, written and recorded in Melbourne and Austria – Get High was developed over seas and forged through interstate travel back in Oz.

We were so happy with the lyrics and beat vibes that a video became necessary. This low-fi, single shot clip (filmed by DJ Elev8 and featuring local Melbourne legend China Sky) was filmed in a session while 3oB was en route home to the ACT (via Tathra NSW). Lets just say whether it’s old-growth or saplings – this track definitely has trees in its DNA.

Enjoy ‘Get HIgh’

It is always timely to acknowledge and oppose the ongoing genocide of Indigenous People in Australia.

3oB wrote this track in Melbourne in early 2007.

It is dedicated to the ongoing fight for Land rights, Treaty and Human Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people everywhere.  get active! get involved!

Shock the System




It’s here! The long-awaited second album by Australian producer/emcee 3ocloc Bogey.  Shock the System is an 11-track dialogue with the world of the artist’s past.  The topics: Imperialism and greed must end!!  People need to get off their arse, curb their own decadence and act.

Delayed warning or misplaced manifesto? The LP finds Bogey clawing at the brink of a Global Financial Crisis, multiple US-led wars and a burgeoning climate change argument, pleading for sanit-damit-hanit…nup, ya fucked it.  How we rebuild is upon us.

Written between 2007 and 2017, the interrupted long player contains takes from a younger 3oB, as well as later tracks, written and recorded in real time. There are some songs born in the aftermath of severe illness and neurosurgery (in late 2009) that slowed his roll to a standstill; whatever it is, it is all classic Bogey.  It’s a more radical collection, compared to the 2013 debut 3ocloc Bogey, with no lyrical collaborators: just 3oB laying it down from start to finish.  It’s like there was a lot he needed to get off his chest and you better not be a neocon.

‘From here the future is mine to do with as I please creatively, I’ve no more cross to bear, at least time can heal some wounds’

The long-awaited LP documents this transformation from youthful rebel, to wounded soldier and back again as vengeful phoenix.  How does it feel to return from the brink of deadly bad luck to find the world in such a state?  The answer: a Shock to the System.

‘The world has changed a lot since the receding of the neo-con era, and not all for the better I’d argue.  I urge people to learn to see beyond their own material interests and to work together to build a more just world for all.’

now available from bandcamp – Feb 28 2019.

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‘special mention must go to all the supportive students at Marist College Canberra (2014-18) who encouraged me to continue my work as an emcee.’


video by Kate Burmester

3ocloc Bogey and Coolio Desgracias are honoured to join the fab lineup of artists at this year’s Canberra OXJAM fundraiser event, live at the newly zhuzhed up Smith’s Alternative: September 1st 2018.

OXJAM is an unforgettable month of events, where people from all over Australia and all over the world raise funds to help fight global poverty.  Every dollar raised by OXJAM goes directly to fighting global poverty.

OXJAM CANBERRA 2018 is the Canberra leg of OXJAM and is highlighting refugees and their right to refuge, recognising their amazing strengths, knowledge and resilience, and celebrating their social, cultural and economic contributions to Australia

Tickets available at

In the meantime, check our bio:

3oB and Coolio Desgracias joined forces in 2016 to regenerate Old-School Rap sounds and rock the party (piss-up or political).  3ob’s signature beats bring back the Golden Era vibe of 90s Boom Bap, while his rhymes are updated for locals; contemptuous of authority yet laid-back and very groovy.  When combined with Coolio’s masterful vinyl mashups and scratch routines, the heads nod and rumps shake for days.

3ocloc Bogey and Coolio Desgracias added to stellar soundsystem lineup

It is with great pleasure that we announce our addition to this already top quality and diverse bill of local talent.

Come out for a good cause (divestment in fossil fuels) and enjoy the musical entertainment we provide.  Live bands out the back, and DJs in the front to keep the sounds nice all day. It will be especially exciting as we get to rock our rhythms and raps on the Comunifi Soundsystem – courtesy of legendary local sound man Orizon Eyes.

Just look at that assortment of talent!

Be sure to get down early for the dub and a pint or 2.  Travel safe friends.

Fossil Free Fest phone going gumby 002


Check out the clip – what a great night!


3oB is a Melbourne-based beat-maker, vocalist and emcee.  He is best known for his work in Agency Dub Collective and Organic Intalekt.  He is a multi-instrumentalist with a long list of writing credits on over 9 releases from 2003-2013. He has collaborated with The Master, Krisdafari, Lotek, Sine, Ishu and The Bird.

His lyrical style is informed by early 90s US East Coast hip hoppers like KRS-ONE, Guru and Brand Nubian, as well as by the Jamaican dancehall toasting of Yellow Man, Tappa Zukie and Jr Gong.

3oB is a proponent of the rare DubHop style of beat-making that weaves sampled records from reggae, soul and funk with live instruments and dub effects. He has toured the east coast with ADC extensively over the last decade, from Wollongong to Coolum and Tathra to Tenterfield.

He will perform at Folk Rhythm and Life in 2014 in collaboration with long time friend and Agency Dub Engineer Malicine.  In a set that incorporates lyrics and remixes of ADC tracks, plus a preview of his new music, 3oB seeks to eke out the common vibe between Dub and Hiphop.  All this is brought to you with one mic, one MPC and one Space Echo.

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For immediate release


Playing classic jazz and Gypsy swing guitar since his youth, Liam O’Connell has toured Australia with Swing and New Orleans style bands for over a decade.  Through the seminal sounds of early jazz, he discovered Western Swing, Cajun folk tunes, Caribbean Calypso and old time Country music.  It is this melting pot of the pre-Rock n Roll Americas that focuses his creativity and sparks his writing.

In 2009, Liam collaborated with eight of his favourite Melbourne associates to record the twelve original songs that comprise Mild Wood Swings During production, he was struck down with a major stroke and required neurosurgery.  He has spent the years since recovering, rebuilding and now, finally returns to his hometown to launch this hallmark album of original music.  Featured on the album are the legendary Peter Baylor, Andy Baylor, Michael McQuaid and Leigh Barker.

Joining Liam for the Canberra launch is Canberran Elrond Veness [The Dreamlanders, The Kingstons], old mate and interstate neighbour.  Sharing a deep musical camaraderie and friendship, the two guitarists team up to reinterpret these songs in duet form.  The intimate locale of The Front Gallery is the perfect venue for this stripped back, acoustic version of Liam’s music.

Good Gosh launch the album Mild Wood Swings at The Front Gallery and Cafe, Sunday October 19. Music from 6pm

Poster Good Gosh at The Front 19_10_2014 RGB portrait

the boys at napoleon cropped as.jpgAgency dub Collective Logo

For Immediate Release

December, 2013

Melbourne, Australia


Dub frontman takes backseat

Agency Dub Collective front man and key group member 3oB (Liam O’Connell) will retire as lead vocalist/lyricist of the pioneering ozzie dub band this summer.  It is believed that he will continue as an instrumentalist and production contributor to the broader collective.  O’Connell is expected to stay on playing bass, melodica and samples after having co-written many of the group’s riddims since joining in 2003.  The band will continue as an instrumental dub outfit, playing live and recording dub plates for deejays and vocalists.

Conflicting views

O’Connell has cited his own creative and philosophical differences with core reggae beliefs as the reason for stepping off.

‘Basically, I’m not a religious person, I’m a godless socialist and that’s incompatible with the teachings of Rasta and reggae lyricism’.  He went on to say ‘For a time, I thought I could harness the revolutionary nature of Jamaican music and sort of channel it into an anti-Imperialist, progressive voice, but I’ve gone as far as I can with that approach’.

Reggae music is deeply influenced by the teachings of Rastafari, a Jamaican religious movement born out of the belief that Ethiopian King Hailie Selassie (1892-1975), is the incarnation of Christ.

It’s pretty inauthentic of me to use this [reggae] music for my own political purposes that don’t fit with the listeners’ expectations – I’m not Christian and I don’t think much of the Old Testament.  For me, Babylon is nothing more than an old name for modern-day Iraq; one of numerous ancient warring civilisations like Assyria, Egypt and Judea.  I’m more interested in the here and now.  If you’re an atheist you can’t be up there howling “Jah” this and “Rasta” that, it simply doesn’t feel right.


Moving forward

3oB is said to have been open to replacement by another vocalist but that position may be left vacant, according to guitarist and manager Elrond ‘Rondo’ Veness who said  ‘For me, ADC was always about the brotherhood, the collective spirit, so I don’t have much interest in seeking out another vocalist’.  O’Connell reaffirmed his views in a letter to Veness in October ‘I am basically a hip hop emcee and feel like the roots reggae/dub crowds don’t want to hear that shit’.

Agency Dub will play 2 shows to mark 3oB’s retirement as frontman.

Canberra: Honkeytonks, 17 Garema Place, Sunday Dec 22 4.00-8.00pm (free entry)

 Melbourne: Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Friday, Jan 24 10.00pm -1.00 am (free entry)

 Check out updates from the band at

join the discussion on Twitter at #3oclocbogey #agencydubcollective

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