Agency Dub Collective, or ADC or Agency Dub or Agency are a live band and record label from Australia.  They have written countless songs, released over 8 albums and toured extensively around Eastern Australia since forming in 2000.  Their website is

3oB has a member since 2003: writing songs, lyrics, singing/fronting the band, playing melodica, bass, overdubbing guitar and keys, adding sound effects, producing and arranging and managing.

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Organic Intellect were a live hiphop group that played in Melbourne from 2004-2008.  In this short time they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the live band scene.  Their front man 3oB and drummer/vocalist Rojo D were architects of a tight, sparse looped sound that maintained a strict hip hop appeal in a time of funkjazz-crossover acts that lacked any spine in comparison.  OI shared stages with progressive emcees like Smart Artisans, Elf Tranzporter and Pataphysics.  Regular haunts were Bar Open, Revolver, The Evelyn, Espy Front Bar and Cape Lounge.  Though never fully accepted by the dominant Melbourne rap scene, Organic Intellect built a solid following and always surprised crowds when they performed at  bars, venues or festivals.


Vocals/melodica – 3oB, drums/vocals – Rojo D, keys – Gfresh, scratches – Heptune (2005-06), scratches – The Master (2006-07), Bass – Richard Mander (2004), Kurt Roberts (2005), Bill Skermer (2005), Mark Elton (2006-07).

artwork by Heptune (J Knox)


There is literally no mood for me that hip hop can’t improve


like it or not cover thumnail 1

Melbourne era (2001-2015)

3oclocBogey is an Australian emcee and rap artist from Melbourne, Australia.  He has written and recorded steadily since 2003, most notably as front man for Agency Dub Collective, but also with live Hiphop band Organic Intellect and for Dubagenda, a local underground beat unit involving Dub Ninja.  He has performed regularly around Melbourne at venues like The Espy, The Evelyn, Bar Open, First Floor, Revolver, Cape Live, Laundry, Gertrude’s Brown Couch, Windsor Castle, Retreat Brunswick, Ace Morning, The Spot, Revolt, Corner Hotel, East Brunswick Club, B.East and more.

Highlights  from this highly productive time were supporting Lee Scratch Perry and Sean Kuti at The Sydney Opera House (2008) and opening for Bomba at the Spanish club, Fitzroy (2007) as well as the PBS Reggae show fundraiser events: 100% Dub , 200%  Dub and 300% Dub.  Appearances at FRL (Folk Rhythm and Life) festivals in 2005 (Kurt Roberts), 2006 (Peter Treleaven), 2007 (Pete and Bill Skirmer – OI) , 2008 (Patrick Kilby), 2010 (Lyndon Lester), 2012 (Cass Horsefall), 2014 (Mark Erwood), 2016 (Liam O’Connell),  2017 (Liam O’Connell).

In 2013 3oB retired as frontman for Agency Dub Collective to play bass in stead; and in turn, focus on his solo hiphop project more fully. Vote for me on Triple J unearthed

Back in the ACT

2015 he returned to his hometown Canberra where he has founded Retro Shebang vinyl DJ night at LowBrow (Sancho’s Dirty Laundry) and Brap Brap hiphop nights at Smith’s Alternative, where he shared the stage with Big Smokin’ Joe (UK).  He has promoted shows recently at Old Canberra Inn, Smith’s Alternative, Phoenix, Alliance Francaise and Transit Bar. Since this time, he has acted closely with Elrond Veness in ADC to keep the dub fires burning with a stripped back power trio and Simon Milman on his debut band playing drums. 3oB has been invloved in various cultural and fundraiser events since returning to the Capitol, including Stop Adani Canberra Fossil Fuel Fest and OXJAM ACT.

              3oB and coolio Desgracias poster


3oB works with Coolio Desgracias in what might be called ‘Shadow Ministers’. He has featured on recordings with such eminent emcees as Lotek, and Elf Tranzporter; worked extensively with Brisbane emcee Krisdafari of BumpnHeadz Records; he has collaborated and recorded over the years with Castlemaine rapper Rex Mundi (then known as COX-1) in a group known as Boom Industry; 3oB is a founding member of Organic Intellect, a live hiphop band which featured Dub Ninja on drums, DJ Heptune on turntables, later replaced by the Queensland DMC champion The Master, with whom he co-founded Ombudsmen.  Recently he helped promote the local leg of Big Smokin’ Joe’s 2018 Single Minded Australian tour.

Style and lyrical approach

3oB has been influenced by a range of rappers from the Old School through Golden Era rap to UK and Ozzie hiphop.  3oclocBogey is deeply influenced by the Jamaican toasting and chatting styles that informed Hip Hop in its early days and continues to today.  From Dee Jay Giants such as Big Youth, I-Roy and Lee Scratch Perry, to dancehall rappers like Shabba Ranks, Yellowman, Junior Gong  and Elephant Man, 3oB always pays homage to the Jamaican roots of this music.

Production Discography

Agency Dub Collective

2017 – Bang For Your Buck (LP/CD/download)

2012 – Beggars Belief (Album – CD and download)

2008 – $0$ [or SOS] (Album – CD and download)

Organic Intellect (re-releases due in 2019)

[unreleased] 2009 – Slums vs Citadels (shelved due to band dispersal)

2008 – Programma (EP – CD only limited run)

2005 – Urbane Literature version 1 and 2 (EP – CD only)


2013 – 3ocloc Bogey [self-titled] (Album – Download only)

2005 – 1x invalid character builder (out of print: limited CD pressing, handmade covers)

2004 – South Bronx Defence Ministers mixtape: Bronx-Melbourne Artifacts feat. Clarence Boddyker and Krisdafari (unreleased, only 3 copies ever burned)

3ocloc Bogey

2018 – Shock The System (coming out Dec 2018) 

2017 – Like it or not mixtape (download only)

2015 – Vote 1 3oB mixtape (limited cd release for Lizard Bites Back Roxby Downs)

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feature track

Dubagenda is a sub label of Branch Stack Records.  CEO of Dubagenda is Liam O’Connell.  Main musical genres at Dubagenda are dub, reggae, dancehall and hiphop.  Co-founder is Daniel Sommariva.

Collaborating artists are

3oB (2004-2018)

Dub Ninja (2018-present)

Sub Detonator (2016-present)

Los Maestros (2017-present)

Good Gosh (2010-present)