Artist – Discography

Dub Militya


DubMilitya New UN (Dec 2019) is the debut EP of this new band of international guerrilla dub warriors. Punchy MPC beats laced with eerie space echo and vintage bass synth provide the most spacious backdrop for lyrics by 3oB and MC Tomasky. New UN is an instant classic for lovers of the dubhop genre.

3ocloc Bogey

2019 Shock The System.

2017 Like it or Not (mixtape) is a rough and ready funk Odyssey that covers 5 years of bashment concrete box production with legends of the live hiphop scene: The Master, Dub Ninja, Coolio Desgracias – only on bandcamp.  Download today!

2014, Eponymous EP mixes by Ishu (unreleased due to general poverty and teacher training) this features musical material which would later be used for Agency Dub Collective on Bang For Your Buck and 3oB on Like it or Not, some verses also appear on the 2019 Sub Detonator album More Isn’t Less, (Dub Ninja Productions).

Eponymous – EP

2013, 3ocloc Bogey, by Dubagenda/3oB. Written and recorded in Abbottsford, Victoria 2007-08; and Canberra, ACT 2017-18. The debut album from melbourne emcee 3oB (3ocloc Bogey) features colaborations with the creme de la creme of mid-2000s ozhiphop unsigned artists: Krisdafari, Rex Mundi, The Master and Pataphysics as well as many crafted 3 verse concept tracks relating to life as a self-made musician. This long-player was only released when 3oB had formally stepped down from the mic with Agency Dub Collective. Feeling there was not sufficient room in his injured brain for the lyrics and identities of 2 front men, 3oB put himself first with this album, extracting all the firepower from his beat-making arsenal and lyrical ammunition. The result is unambiguously an underground classic, which many heads still have not discovered. Only on Bandcamp

Bris vegas 2006 with Penna D and Keisdafari

2007 Decaytech Daydream (shelved). Written and recorded in Thornbury Victoria, 2004-05. featured guest raps by Rojo D, MC Martyr, COX 1, Pataphysics, Heptune, Krisdafari. 4 tracks mastered but not pressed up due to lack of funds and quality control.

2006 Droids/No Compromise EP featuring MC Martyr/Pataphysics/Cox 1 (Mastered but not released with shelving of Decaytech Daydream)

2005, 1x Invalid Character Builder, by 3oclock Bogey. Debut EP release, mastered by Jon Hopkins. Produced on IBM 486 computer with acid pro and minijack internal soundcard – lowfi production on computer speakers. 10 bespoke CD copies were made, given away as gifts and business cards.

2004 Bronx-Melbourne Artefacts, by South Bronx Defence Ministers (featuring 3oB, Clarance Boddyker and Krisdafari). never to be released.


2017 Los Maestros, by Dub Ninja and 3oB with Gfresh (produced by Dan Sommariva and Liam O’Connell)

Agency Dub Collective

2017 Bang For Your Buck, produced by 3oB

2013 Beggars Belief, (co-produced by Liam O’Connell, Stephen Phillips, Wayne Bennett, Dan Sommariva)

2008, $0$ by Agency Dub Collective. (produced by Liam O’Connell)

2006, Insurgency by Agency Dub Collective (produced by Dan Sommariva)

2004, Digging under Babylon by Agency Dub Collective (produced by Dan Sommariva)


Founded by Steve Phillips and Linden Lester in Melbourne, 3oB was elisted on guitar and vocals to play a Dub residency at Laundry Bar called ‘Comin in from the Cold’ – the regular support that was shown tryly amazed everyone involved as a regular lineup did not exist for the first 5 or so shows. At various points it mutated to incorporate Luke Collins, Johnny hooves, Pete Wilkins, Patrick Kilby, Andrew Darling, Yuval Shallit and a host of dubwise horn players. The debut album Sub Frequence (2009) was pressed to CD and is still available on Myspace. The highlight for the group was playing at Luminous Festival at the request of Brian Eno, supporting Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in 2009.

Organic Intellect 

Live at Bar Bukka: Fitzroy for Free West Papua

2007 Tape Project (working title) was to be the break-through release for Organic Intellect after years of refining their live set and countless gigs and collaborations.  The album features guest appearances by Cox 1 (now known as Rex Mundi) and The Master, on decks and rhymes.  Guest choruses are also provided by Sarah McDonald (White Minus Red/Symbiosis).  The album was shelved after the departures of Dan Sommariva and Ben Ganley in 2007.  Reworking of earlier beats with updated lyrics to suit the turbulent political age gave a classic edge to this innovative and as yet undiscovered group.  To this day Tape Project contains some of 3oB’s most appealing and engaging lyricism.

2006, Programma is a 5 track EP by Organic Intellect (Produced by Liam O’Connell). Another year saw another bass player take over in the Intellect; this time in the form of long-time jazz virtuoso and musical polyglot, Mark Elton.  Highly productive sessions in old Brunswick led to the recording sessions that now stand up as exemplars of legendary hard-edge boom bap style played by looped live instrumentalists.  This approach proved to be a winner and would be the basis of the crew’s next Long Player, which hit pre-production that very same year. The EP was pressed up in CD card packages but a mis-spelled song title ruined the packaging and most stock was destroyed.   This heavyweight lineup had regular shows at Laundry, Cape Live and a dope residency at the Metropol, St Kilda Station.  During this tumultuous time, DJ Heptune was replaced by The Master.  The year’s highlight was at Bar Bukka supporting the Free West Papua Movement.

2005 Urbane Literature (Demo 2.0) their original EP by the same name was remixed, had extra songs and scratch overdubs added. It is a sparse and spacey jazz-hiphop manifesto, which showcases the lyrical skills of 3oB.  This EP saw OI garnner attention from Fitzroy to North Melbourne and the CBD, with the hustle of new member on turntables DJ Heptune (Smart Artisans/Gentlemen’s record Club) and even saw OI appearing at Folk Rhythm and Life Festival with new bassist Bill Skermer.   The full album is improved by the guest vocals of Krisdafari, Clarrance Bodyker (NYC) and the young emcee Martyr (Terror Sell).

2004 Urbane Literature, demo EP by Organic Intellect (Produced by Dan Sommariva), recorded in Thornbury and Oak Park in Melbourne’s North was the band’s first foray into recording hiphop with live drums and instruments, augmented by digital computerised breaks and samples. The EP gave voice to 3oB in a strict conscious hiphop style, that was in contrast to his more personal approach at that time with Agency Dub Collective (who were recording Digging Under Babylon concurrently).  At this time the band had no DJ and instead relied on piano solos played live by G-Fresh and sax by Paul McMahon.

Ubiquitous Dub Legitimisers live at Bar Open – 2007.  Footage by Sarah McDonald

Dub Agenda/Dub Overload

3oB – vocals and MPC1000 Dub Ninja – vocals and MC808

Dubagenda is a now suspended production arm of Branch Stack Records, owned and operated by Liam O’Connell.  Co-founder is Daniel Sommariva. Main musical genres at Dub Agenda were Rubadub, Dancehall and Hiphop. All collaborations are decommissioned moving forward as of June 2019. Dub Agenda has since mutated into Dub Age Nda, continuing as a 3oB production wing.

Dubagenda recordings and status

  • organic intelekt 2004-07 (limited tracks slated for future release by branch stack records)
  • Los maestros (2017) see Dan Sommariva on Bandcamp
  • Dub Ninja and 3oB the AS-IO FILES (working title – unreleased) limited run CD burns only
  • Dub Ninja – The Journey EP, (2005-7) limited run CDburns only
  • Traffik emcee and Dub Ninja with 3oB (2005-6) unreleased tracks for use in ADC. No known recordings.
  • Dub Overload live act (2007-8) live demos only
  • 3oB (2004-2010) demo recordings only
  • 3ocloc Bogey/Dubagenda, 2013 (L O’Connell only) debut album available on bandcamp
  • Agency Dub Collective (2004-2006).  Digging under Babylon, Insurgency [see Agency Dub Collective on Bandcamp, itunes, spotify].