It is always timely to acknowledge and oppose the ongoing genocide of Indigenous People in Australia.

3oB wrote this track in Melbourne in early 2007.

It is dedicated to the ongoing fight for Land rights, Treaty and Human Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people everywhere.  get active! get involved!

Shock the System




It’s here! The long-awaited second album by Australian producer/emcee 3ocloc Bogey.  Shock the System is an 11-track dialogue with the world of the artist’s past.  The topics: Imperialism and greed must end!!  People need to get off their arse, curb their own decadence and act.

Delayed warning or misplaced manifesto? The LP finds Bogey clawing at the brink of a Global Financial Crisis, multiple US-led wars and a burgeoning climate change argument, pleading for sanit-damit-hanit…nup, ya fucked it.  How we rebuild is upon us.

Written between 2007 and 2017, the interrupted long player contains takes from a younger 3oB, as well as later tracks, written and recorded in real time. There are some songs born in the aftermath of severe illness and neurosurgery (in late 2009) that slowed his roll to a standstill; whatever it is, it is all classic Bogey.  It’s a more radical collection, compared to the 2013 debut 3ocloc Bogey, with no lyrical collaborators: just 3oB laying it down from start to finish.  It’s like there was a lot he needed to get off his chest and you better not be a neocon.

‘From here the future is mine to do with as I please creatively, I’ve no more cross to bear, at least time can heal some wounds’

The long-awaited LP documents this transformation from youthful rebel, to wounded soldier and back again as vengeful phoenix.  How does it feel to return from the brink of deadly bad luck to find the world in such a state?  The answer: a Shock to the System.

‘The world has changed a lot since the receding of the neo-con era, and not all for the better I’d argue.  I urge people to learn to see beyond their own material interests and to work together to build a more just world for all.’

now available from bandcamp – Feb 28 2019.

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‘special mention must go to all the supportive students at Marist College Canberra (2014-18) who encouraged me to continue my work as an emcee.’



photos courtesy of Cribust


Dubby Dubby Xmas to all the punters that went hard with us on a pouring rainy Friday evening before Christmas 2018.

Stellar lineup of professional reggae fire that kept the dancers cranking til midnight.

From hiphop to Drumnbass with a heavy slathering of Reggae Rockas and DUB the mood was most irie with Bega representing in the room.

It was great to have guest vocalists rocking the mic over the records and live band grooves.  Big Respect to the emcees Marty and Zeph getting the dancers going hard.

Big ups to our new fans and see ya’ll at the next one!

Brought to you by Cutura Clandestino.




1 x Invalid Character builder (2005). The debut EP by Melbourne rapper/beatmaker 3oB (THREE OCLOCK Bogey) was written and recorded at The Pendergon: Thornbury, Victoria on a dilapidated IBM PC 486 with internal 16 bit 44.1 khz sound card and so is quite low-fi.

Cover design and concept by L O’Connell.

This EP is free and not for profit


It was a missing link in the chain, from a time when he was low down, on the canvass uncertain as to whether he would get back up, let alone get on top.
The flow is clunky, lacking any of the trademark syncopation of his early material.  It’s uncomfortable to listen to; somewhere in between melodic ragga approach and ozhiphop.  The accent doesn’t match the delivery, but the beats kind of hold it together in a mellow post-garage way, perhaps. Too cocky for the persona.
EPonymous 2012
Recorded in Slanty towers, Preston between 2011 and 2012 when times were real rough after the stroke. I began this project in 2011, then went back to uni in 2012 to improve brain function; all the while I just wanted to be in the studio sharpening my mic attack. EPonymous was the project when I realised I needed to work a lot harder to bring my skills back. Thanks to Jason for your honesty around this time. Original release was eventually shelved due to the scheduling of Agency Dub Collective’s Beggars Belief, but some of these lyrics were performed over Sub Detonator rhythms on the East Coast tour of 2013.
Thanks to Ishu for the great mixing job (my vocal tone is particularly rough on this record as I lacked core strength after my stint in hospital).
All disclaimers aside, this record is what it is – a record of an event.


released January 3, 2012

Written and recorded By L O’Connell
tracks 1-7 Space Echo and Mixed by G Dryza.
Mastered by 3oB

Warming up the room with Great Machine from Shock The System.

the wrap

What a great night after a super long, hot drive, last minute rehearsal, some hectic urban diplomacy and a few funny technical errors (that we can laugh about now).  It was a spirited open mic session that set the scene with a solid showing of hungry rappers and even some anti-fascist ETU representation in the house!  Great to kick it with some local talent before the set.

TM and myself hit it hard with MPC beats and vinyl scratches filling out the hardball political rhymes, which the crowd seemed to dig.  Nice.  Big shout outs must go to Daily, DJ Decktektive and all the mob who keep hip hop alive and live in Fitzroy.  Massive thanks to Rhookman91 for the ill footage.


the plug

Wednesday before Christmas is the final Can I Kick it for 2018 and will be the first preview of the upcoming album Shock the System by 3ocloc Bogey.

The set will be the launch of the first single ‘Let Love In’ and will include The Master on decks, 3oB on the mic and MPC.

Free entry from 8.30, with welcoming vibes and plenty of skilled local emcees rocking the mic. 125 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.


3oB single launch grumpys xmas3.jpg

Agency Dub Collective, or ADC or Agency Dub or Agency are a live band and record label from Australia.  They have written countless songs, released over 8 albums and toured extensively around Eastern Australia since forming in 2000.  Their website is

3oB has a member since 2003: writing songs, lyrics, singing/fronting the band, playing melodica, bass, overdubbing guitar and keys, adding sound effects, producing and arranging and managing.

For a list of presently available releases see