Photos and Videos

3oB has performed as an instrumentalist, mc and producer live and on record with many fellow musicians and lyricists over the years.  Here is information regarding a few of these collaborating artists:

Lotek – The Bird – Ishu – The Master – Agency Dub Collective – Dub Ninja – Organic Intellect – Rex Mundi – Pataphysics – White Minus Red – Sub Detonator – Ubiquitous Dub Legitimisers – Elf Tranzporter – Sine – Krisdafari – Heptune and Gentlemen’s Record Club – Smart Artisans – Goat – Brolga Boys – Sweet Lowdowns – Dancehall Racketeers – Alanna and Alicia – Old Hat

Lotek and UDL (Ubiquitous Dub Legitimisers live at Bar Open – 2007). 

Daltron- MPC

guitar – Ishu

bass – 3oB

trumpet – Pataphysics

vox – Flo

Footage by Sarah McDonald

M.C_Tomasky first jam with ADC at Dubby Xmas, 2018 – The Phoenix, Canberra
Dub Militya at Sideway supporting DJ Vadim – footage courtesy of Sarah Vennell
3oB and Coolio Desgracias live at Smiths Alternative for OXJAM 2018 – footage courtesy of K Burmester
3oB and Coolio Desgracias live at Old Canberra Inn for Stop Adani 2019
Organic Intelekt unreleased EP cover artwork by Heptune
DJ from Organic Intellect : The Master

big family
L-R. Back Row: Mark y mark, 3oB, Rondo, Dub Ninja, Pete T-rev, Gansta, Malicine Front row: The Master
Organic intellect live at Bar Bukka, 2007. Free West Papua fundraiser.

3oB and Elf Tranzporter on the ADC rhythm ‘Hard Dancer’
3oB and Lotek on the ADC track ‘Infinite’
ADC live at Folk Rhythm and Life, 2016.
The Sweet Lowdowns – St Kilda, 2002. Photo by Genevieve Ryan