Label and associated acts

Branch Stack Records, est. 2018 is a PPCA registered record label, owned and operated by Liam O’Connell.  Based in Canberra, ACT, it was set up to publish the records of 3ocloc Bogey and associated friends within similar genres. In 2021 it expanded its reach to include more varied releases by the owner, including folk, jazz and Latin-inspired music.

Good Gosh

Good Gosh: l-r Liam O’Connell, Mark Levers, Simon Milman. Photo by Ash St George

Good Gosh is the brainchild of Liam O’Connell and manifests as an eclectic mob of post-traditional jazz musicians from Australia’s East Coast. Collaborators include Andy Baylor, Peter Baylor, Ian Smith, Mark Elton, Leigh Barker, Michael McQuaid and Alanna Egan. Current membership includes Owen Cooper, Mark Levers and Simon Milman who perform a weekly residency at Molly in Canberra’s CBD.

Band bookings contact Liam:

List of all bands of Liam O’Connell 1996-2022

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