Friday August 9 was another cracking Cultura Clandestino production at Polish White Eagle Club.

Headliners Midnight tea Party (Sydney) took Canberra next level on some extended, eclectic original grooves and melodies, with plenty of power for the heaving dancefloor.

Basically they rocked it and represented the sunny city with fun and fire.

Los Chavos are always a delight and didn’t disappoint at this informal mash of titans. great to hear more of the rap style vocals coming in from the guitarist to bounce off the soaring, soulful lyrics.

Dub Militia opened with a scorching assault of mpc-driven rubadub and vocals by the ACT’s newest and oldest recruits mc Tomaski and 3ocloc Bogey respectively. Coolio Desgracias added some highly spacey guitar fx that really brought out the dubbership connection.

shout outs to Agency Dub Collective, Rondo, Brain, Pat Kilby, Sam Young (the beggars battalion), Dub Ninja – los maestros.

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