Warming up the room with Great Machine from Shock The System.

the wrap

What a great night after a super long, hot drive, last minute rehearsal, some hectic urban diplomacy and a few funny technical errors (that we can laugh about now).  It was a spirited open mic session that set the scene with a solid showing of hungry rappers and even some anti-fascist ETU representation in the house!  Great to kick it with some local talent before the set.

TM and myself hit it hard with MPC beats and vinyl scratches filling out the hardball political rhymes, which the crowd seemed to dig.  Nice.  Big shout outs must go to Daily, DJ Decktektive and all the mob who keep hip hop alive and live in Fitzroy.  Massive thanks to Rhookman91 for the ill footage.


the plug

Wednesday before Christmas is the final Can I Kick it for 2018 and will be the first preview of the upcoming album Shock the System by 3ocloc Bogey.

The set will be the launch of the first single ‘Let Love In’ and will include The Master on decks, 3oB on the mic and MPC.

Free entry from 8.30, with welcoming vibes and plenty of skilled local emcees rocking the mic. 125 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Vic 3065.


3oB single launch grumpys xmas3.jpg