Agency Dub Collective, or ADC or Agency Dub or Agency are a live band and record label from Australia.  They have written countless songs, released over 8 albums and toured extensively around Eastern Australia since forming in 2000.  Their website is

3oB has a member since 2003: writing songs, lyrics, singing/fronting the band, playing melodica, bass, overdubbing guitar and keys, adding sound effects, producing and arranging and managing.

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Organic Intellect were a live hiphop group that played in Melbourne from 2004-2008.  In this short time they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the live band scene.  Their front man 3oB and drummer/vocalist Rojo D were architects of a tight, sparse looped sound that maintained a strict hip hop appeal in a time of funkjazz-crossover acts that lacked any spine in comparison.  OI shared stages with progressive emcees like Smart Artisans, Elf Tranzporter and Pataphysics.  Regular haunts were Bar Open, Revolver, The Evelyn, Espy Front Bar and Cape Lounge.  Though never fully accepted by the dominant Melbourne rap scene, Organic Intellect built a solid following and always surprised crowds when they performed at  bars, venues or festivals.


Vocals/melodica – 3oB, drums/vocals – Rojo D, keys – Gfresh, scratches – Heptune (2005-06), scratches – The Master (2006-07), Bass – Richard Mander (2004), Kurt Roberts (2005), Bill Skermer (2005), Mark Elton (2006-07).

artwork by Heptune (J Knox)