Discography and history

selected body of work by Liam Christopher O’Connell 1998 – present


3ocloc Bogey


Guns of Dickson

Guns of Dickson are the next incarnation of Shadow Ministers, without the unintended alliance to the member for Dickson. Added to the lineup on keys with 2 hands is Steven Phillips (Sine, Morph, The Cabal) who is in his own right a stellar dub producer and melodica player: El Dub Terraneo. Moving on to duties with Zambezi Sound is flute player extraordinaire Joel Dreezer. The band wishes him well and thanks Joel for his service to sound.

A new direction is now ahead, with bassist Liam O’Connell returning to more vocal duties in the dancehall/old school rap department. More new songs are in the book, with snappier changeovers to keep groovers grooving deep in the dub. Freshness with flavour is the new motto. Guns of Dickson look forward to returning to work with friendly vocalists in future as well as utilising the current members on vocal duties within the new repertoire.

2020 – 2022

Shadow Ministers

footage by Galen Ashleigh

Live in Belconnen is the debut album of Canberra’s freshest Dub/Jazz live band. It showcases the spontaneous energy of a brand new project, featuring young guns Joel Dreezer and MC Tomasky, seasoned pros Coolio Desgracias and Matthew Lustri, led by local bass man Liam O’Connell. Live audio recorded courtesy of James at Jay-Ds music.


Dub Militya

DubMilitya New UN (Dec 2019) is the debut EP of this new band of international guerrilla dub warriors. Punchy MPC beats laced with eerie space echo and vintage bass synth provide the most spacious backdrop for lyrics by 3oB and MC Tomasky. Solid Simon Milman takes chunk off the guitar and sparkles with fine solo tone. Representing Canadian synth corps Rootsellers on live production is Lumo Arctusus. New UN is an instant classic for lovers of the dubhop genre.


Sub Detonator

the less said the better.



Los Maestros, by Dub Ninja and 3oB with G Fresh on Daniel Sommariva Productions

Low Society

Low Society was founded by members of Moochers Inc. Cam Smith, Dave Abkiewicz, Thomas Manley; ring-in drummer Lachie Smith and banjo freeman Liam O’Connell. The aim was simple: fill some gigs at Smiths, Hippo Bar, the Front and what have you; record a few songs and play at such larger events as Merimbula Jazz Festival and for the Canberra Blues Society (German Harmonie Club). With all boxes ticked, Cam then relocated up North and things sadly were discontinued, or rather morphed into new projects like The Magnificence, Parlour Social (with Robbie Mann), Molly House Band and eventually a reignited Good Gosh. This EP captures an intimate lineup with minimal microphones and truly live ambiance. Unfortunately a second cover version of Lily Allen’s ‘it’s not fair’ was unusable due to input overload.

l-r Josh Buckler, Cam M Smith, Liam O’Connell, Dave Abkievicz

3oclocBogey 2003-2023

2023 Bad Luck : The Blender’s Back is the final installment of 3ocloc Bogey’s first trilogy of albums (2013 Self Titled, 2019 Shock The System). It features collaborations from local, national and international legends, including Sine (Melb), Babek (Noosa), Pat Kilby (VIC), Sarah McDonald (VIC), Coolio Desgracias and House Mouse (ACT), M.C_Tomasky (Kenya) and R Seidel (DE). Mastered by Lotek (UK). Hiphop meets Dub in a Collingwood bin fire.

date of release: 27/2/23

2019 Shock The System, is the second studio album by 3oB/3ocloc Bogey and is entirely comprised of solo tracks recorded between 2007 and 2017. Tracks are mainly concerned with the politics of authenticity in hiphop challenging Capitalist Imperialism and on the personal side, recovery of the long lost flow and voice.

2017 Like it or Not, is a rough and ready funk odyssey that covers 5 years of concrete box production with 2 of the funkiest legends of the live hiphop scene, The Master and Coolio Desgracias.


Opening for combat wombat: solo set mpc and vocals – free mixtape launch – vote 1 30B
VOTE 1 3oB mixtape – exclusive link

Vote 1 3oB (mixtape) – is a sampler of reworked B-sides and unreleased tracks in continuous play mixtape format (for soundcloud/bandcamp and pressed to CD) made for giveaways at Lizard Bites Back Protestival, Olympic Dam mine, SA in July 2016. 3oB drove alone the 1600 kms over 2 days to perform a solo set on MPC and vocals as the sun set over the encamped desert revelers: a conversion of creatives, Indigenous custodians, environmentalists and concerned protesters from all corners of the land. Opening for Combat Wombat as a solo artist is amongst the highlights of 3oB’s career. Approximately 10 cd copies remain in stock.


Relocated from Melbourne to Canberra – no musical releases in this time of reestablishment and reassessment. Met up with new, mainly jazz collaborators; Coolio Desgracias, Cam Smith, Robbie Mann, Zach Raffan and Dave Abkiewicz. Began fulltime work as a classroom English teacher.

alternate album title


Eponymous EP mixes by Ishu (unreleased due to general poverty and teacher training) this features musical material which would later be used for Agency Dub Collective on Bang For Your Buck and 3oB on Like it or Not, some verses also appear on the 2018 Sub Detonator album More Isn’t Less.

A benchmark of sorts where I just wanted to get back to the basics of rhythm and diction with straight shooting, old school flow and minimal swearing. These bars are like workouts or stretches, designed to focus the breath and improve tone production. They work slightly toasted too.



3ocloc Bogey by Dubagenda/3oB. Written and recorded in Abbottsford, Victoria 2007-09. The debut album from Melbourne emcee 3oB (3ocloc Bogey) features collaborations with the crème de la crème of mid-2000s independent oz hip hop artists; Krisdafari, C-O-X (Rex Mundi), The Master and Pataphysics. Many solo 3 verse concept tracks relating to life as a self-made musician also appear on the album. This long-player was only released when 3oB had formally stepped down from the mic with Agency Dub Collective. Feeling there was not sufficient room in his injured brain for the lyrics and identities of 2 front men, 3oB put himself and hiphop first with this album, extracting all the firepower from his beat-making arsenal and lyrical ammunition. The result is unambiguously a slept-on classic, which many heads have not discovered. Only available on Bandcamp. Mastered by Lotek at Counter Clockwise studios, Collingwood, Victoria.


The black spot. Moved to Preston. Recovering from brain injuries and multiple surgeries and invasive procedures that took immense toll on soul, body and mind including : 5 teeth extracted, 2 craniotomies, 3 angiograms, 1 pic line, canula, catheter, trans-esophageal examination, many CT scans with radioactive contrast, MRIs, speech therapy, rehabilitation, hospital in the home, occupational therapy. Regular gig circuit, tutoring work and reputation as a performer irreparably disrupted.

Playing sporadic rhythm guitar gigs with Michael McQuaid (Martinique 2), Andy Baylor (Cajun Combo), Paul McIver (Lil devils). Cruising along thanks to solid connects and loyal students.

Completed Honours in Humanities (2011) and a Diploma of Education (2012) . no capacity for self-funded releases. Interpersonal relationships collapse.

Good Gosh



Mild Wood Swings was recorded, mixed and mastered by Barry Stockley at Fat Sound Studios, West Melbourne, over 2 days in 2009, with the best of the best roots music musicians, who kindly agreed to immortalise Liam’s songs with minimal rehearsal involved. The result is a timeless achievement which captures the mood and intention to perfection. During production, Liam had a stroke which set back the pressing and release by 12 months. A fantastic launch at the Lomond Hotel was attended by a packed house full of friends and supporters. Despite being medically incapacitated for years to follow, Liam gave it his best, grateful to have captured the last of his youth on tape, just in time! Available to buy on CD and bandcamp.


Good Gosh is a concept band that emerged out of Melbourne’s beer halls and vintage recording studios in the late noughties. Liam O’Connell had a great productive spell writing jazz-gypsy-calypso-inspired tunes while playing with local groups Sweet Lowdowns, The Dancehall Racketeers, Michael McQuaid’s Red Hot Rhythmakers; Late Hour Boys and Retro Five, Jelly Tub Rollers, Manouche a Trois and a host of one off bands with many of Melbourne’s best players like Ian Smith, Andy and Peter Baylor, Mike McQuaid, Sandra Talty, Leigh Barker, Mark Elton, Alanna Egan and Steve Grant.



Founded by Steve Phillips and Linden Lester in Melbourne, 3oB was enlisted on guitar and vocals to play a Dub residency at Laundry Bar called ‘Comin in from the Cold’ – the regular support that was shown truly amazed everyone involved as a regular lineup did not exist for the first 5 or so shows. At various points it mutated to incorporate Luke Collins, Johnny Hooves, Pete Wilkins, Patrick Kilby, Andrew Darling, Yuval Shallit Joel Plymin and Lamine Sonoko, Simon Jerrems. The debut album Sub Frequence (2009) was pressed to CD and is currently out of print (as at Nov 7 2021). Memorable gigs were played at Bar Open, The Retreat Hotel Brunswick, FRL. The highlight for the group was playing at Sydney’s Luminous Festival at the request of Brian Eno, supporting Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in 2009. Sine disbanded shortly afterwards due to tall poppy syndrome in the Australian music scene. See also: C0mp0sit3, El Dub Terraneo, Shadow Ministers, 3oclocBogey, Andrew Darling, The Imprints. DownPat.

The footage that Brian Eno saw which got us the gig at Luminous 2009
Sine live at Luminous 2009
Sine live at Luminous 2009
Sine (feat unknown vocalist) live at folk Rhythm and Life Dec 2008
On tour with ADC back in the day – shout-outs to Chris and Inga for the hospitality

Live in East Brisbane, 2006: Penna D, 3oB and Krisdafari at Alley Bar. Photo by Inga Nolan

proposed album cover : artwork by Heptune.


Decaytech Daydream EP VOL 2 (shelved). Written and recorded in Thornbury Victoria, 2004-05. Not yet released. Features Pataphysics, Krisdafari, Rojo D, MC Heptune.


Decaytech Daydream EP VOL 1 (released retrospectively in 2022)

Features MC Martyr, Pataphysics, C O X, DJ Heptune


1x Invalid Character Builder, by 3oclock Bogey. Debut EP release.


Organic Intellect

Bronx-Melbourne Artifacts, by South Bronx Defence Ministers (3oB, Clarance Boddyker and Krisdafari).

Krisdafari meets Three O’Clock Bogey

Sunk like Ships (single)

The genesis of Australian rapper 3oB was from kicking it in Lismore, NSW on holiday 2003-04 with girlfriend and dearly departed soul sister, Genevieve Mary Ryan, absconding to a 40 degree tin box with Kris and Inga and after some days cruising about the hinterland with Gen’s mates Lilly (sorry I stole your car!!!), Blake and Jack.

On my first trip to Nimbin, I was blown away by this side of Australia and just kind of lost it. The hiphop bug certainly got me a goodin! Must be the climate? “…coz we hot hanging in Le More – blasting like a claymore, Inga, Ganga and Kris: makin me wanna stay more, get more pay for kicking rhyme to display your, love for nature-debate the tackiness of IKEA decor. Scorchin, sweat in the humidity, bet my ability put an end to talkin silily”.


This was the track that piqued the interest of SBDM brainchild Clarance Boddyker, later leading to an international mixtape collaboration and years of addiction to beats beers and the business. Unreleased but slated for inclusion on a future Bump Agenda album.


Miney Moe

The Outsider (released retrospectively in 2021) is the debut album of Liam O’Connell that he wrote the bulk of while studying and working in Melbourne from 2001-2003. This music represents the first and truest love/music of the artist. The songs are in his being. This compilation was released in 2021, to mark the 20th anniversary of his moving back to his birthplace of Victoria.

Out now on Branch Stack Records through Bandcamp. or stream on Spotify, buy from Apple Store and all other major streaming services. Recorded and mixed by Malicine 2003-06 and Liam O’Connell 2007-08. Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal, Thornbury, Victoria.

Agency Dub Collective

See also Sub Detonator, The Kingstons.


(The) Sweet Lowdowns

Moved to Melbourne with nothing but a 12 string guitar and an Arts degree to achieve. Began investigations into Northcote, Fitzroy and Collingwood scenes. Met Chris Scott of Goat, jammed with Buttered Loaf at Old Bar, did some open mics at Ruckers Bar and Grill (now the Wesley Anne). Founded Sweet Lowdowns with Richard Mander and Sandra Talty – to be joined in 2003 by Michael McQuaid.

1998 – 2000

Jedis on Crack

Jedis on Crack was formed in 1998 by good friends Liam O’Connell and Duane Nylen, 2 boys from the suburban hinterland of Belconnen/NSW border who grew up on militaristic adventures in local bushland, a love of Funk music and nature’s entertainment. Integral to the catalyst of JOC was drummer and Narrabundah mystic Nic Jones. Flash forward to Hawker College music assessment nights with many local legends including members of Penguin, Chumke and Smeg. After some years playing pubs and house parties with In Loco Parentis, Liam and Duane decided to take up the cause of Mr Bungle, 1970s Miles Davis and Wu Tang Clan by fusing dark jazzy harmony with a hiphop backbeat and highlighting crunchy Fender Stratocaster and slap bass. Good friends and horn players Shane Mitchell, Tim Bowyer and Mark Petherbridge soon joined the fold, alongside rapper/visionary artist Jemist and bebop cowboy Dave Nagle. Special shout outs to Dave Pateman for the jam house and epic drum skills. Jedis on Crack’s debut performance was at a battle of the bands competition at Intencity in Belconnen Mall and consisted of Kool and the Gang, 1980s Chilli Peppers, Stevie Wonder and Doc Severinsen covers. Cleaning up the cash prizes of $700 with chaotic ease, the connection was made with judge and organiser Richard Mander (later of Sweet Lowdowns and Miney Moe bass fame). The group soon hit CIT recording studios to try and capture the essence of their avant-garde live sound, which had been, until then only heard at local bars Heaven, Gypsy Bar, Finnegan’s (Rockape) and some ANU events and in the back streets of Page. Mixed by then-student and Linus Band guitarist Mark Weber; the demo was never released due to Liam’s relocation to Melbourne and has been on ice ever since. This intense collective never officially saw its full potential, but the promise was always massive. Love

ps Michael Franti didn’t fully appreciate the name 😦

Jedis on Crack : Grover’s Bright Green Automobile – by L O’Connell
L O’Connell, S Mitchell, D Nylen, T Bowyer, M Petherbridge (back) D Nagle (front) 1999

Tim, Duane and Liam of Jedis on Crack 10 years on – 2008/09