Label and Stable

Branch Stack Records, est. 2018 is a PPCA registered record label, owned and operated by Liam O’Connell.  Based in Canberra, ACT, it was set up to publish the records of 3ocloc Bogey and associated friends within similar genres.

Go Around – preview from upcoming album Dub age nda

Shadow ministers

logo by Rafael Florez

Shadow ministers landed on the scene in 2020 as music venues began reemerging in the ACT. They have since re-opened the live music on Tuesdays at Blackbird, live recorded their debut EP at a sold out Basement Reggae Fest 2020 and performed live music and sound effects for a screening of Fantastic Planet at Sideway (presented by Cultura Clandestino).

Their debut EP is due to be released in Early 2021 – check out the Branch Stack Records Bandcamp for updates about this release.

Dub Militya

M.C_Tomasky live at The Phoenix with Agency Dub Collective, 2018

Dub Militya began on stage at the Phoenix as part of Dubby Xmas, 2018 when Kenyan vocalist emceee Tomasky jumped up with Agency Dub Collective and blew the roof off with freestyle toasting and singing. His effortless groove and rich tone immediately grabbed the attention of 3oB, who set about planning a new project including this young talent. Since then, gigs at Polo Live and Sideway have allowed the new cell to develop their set and style. The full lineup of Dub militya includes Coolio Desgracias (guitar), Lumo (beats/tweaks) and 3oB (vocals MPC and space echo).

The 2019 EP Canberra to Kenya or New UN is the first release by Canberra’s Dub Militya. Featuring 3ocloc Bogey on production, mc Tomasky on the mic, Coolio Desgracias on guitar/fx, the trio performance is a first step before adding the love of legendary Canadian beat smith Lumo (Rootsellers) to this swaggering mix of trap and spacey boom bap inna rubadub style.

#next release expect steppas to soul#

Boom Industry

logo by L O’Connell

in 2006, 3oB met melbourne rapper Rex Axis Mundi (or COX-1 aka The C-OH, aka Seige as he was known back then) through DJ Heptune. When Organic Intalekt played live at Laundry, COX-1 jumped up and spat some very impressive flows over the group’s stripped-back live beats. After a few hiphop open mics and jams back in Abbottsford, the 2 emcess started making tracks under the duo name Boom Industry. The sound was and is fresh because both Bogey and Coxy were outsiders in Melbourne so their voices and content sounded unique in an increasingly homogenous local scene. Though they have drifted far geographically (to Bendigo and Canberra), Boom Industry have remained together and are currently exchanging beats, lyrics and concepts for the debut release. Check out two fat colabs on the 3oB album 3ocloc Bogey (2013): Espousers and Stick up

debut album By Mundi out now on UTC Records.


Coburg sessions with Krisdafari of Bumpn Headz

In 2008 in Melbourne, 3oB teamed up with Brisbane record label Bumpn Headz to record under the joint banner of Bump Agenda.  Whilst many sides have been recorded and released on online mixtapes by 3oB and Krisdafari under this label – a debut EP is due out in 2020. 

Check out the 2013 album 3ocloc Bogey for two great colabs ‘Tide is Rising‘ and ‘Shake It‘. Don’t forget to peep Krisdafari’s The Great Conjunction mixtape.

Stay tuned for releases.

3oB DJ services

first of 2 great night DJing at Sancho’s above Beach Burrito, Garema Place

DJ 3oB is available to to play selections of vinyl in your venue or for events and has own decks, will travel. he hosts a radio show with regular updates to mixcloud and is hoping to join the team at local community radio station Artsound FM 92.7 as part of the World Vibe team


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